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Katie is a member of the dance leaders group (dlg)

DLG is an open, independent network of over 300 dance professionals and leaders across the West Midlands with a hunger to collaborate and a commitment to inclusion and equality.


The network enables members to work together to develop bold, unique projects and activity through partnerships that extend and share expertise, resources and capacity.


Providing the foundations for ambitious works and professional development, DLG is creating a movement for inclusive dance participation, creating innovative strategies and ambitious opportunities with training, performance and education.




Katie's DLG Journey

#DanceConnect 2020 - Young Person

An online collaborative project between dance professionals, young people and a digital artist, from across the West Midlands.

Beyond Borders 2021 - Young Leader

A region wide participation project that brought together dance artists, aspiring young leaders, young people, digital artists and a variety of specialists to collaborate and produce original work in response to #OnewithNature.

DLG & Critical Mass What Next 2022-24- Senior Ambassador

Comprises of four interlinked strands which realise investment priorities alongside DLG's strategic goals over a two- year period. These are:

Network Leadership and Advocacy
Learning and Skills Development
Practice, Innovation, Research - #DanceConnect2
Sustainability and Resilience

Katie represented the Worcestershire & Herefordshire Sub-regional Hub

DLG & Critical Mass What Next 2022-24- Project Manager

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