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The Mighty Creatives - Youth Consultation

A generation with a voice. Young people with new challenges and bold goals. Its time we listened and acted.


'Overcoming' explores the first hand experiences of young people today, highlighting the very real challenges they face, and how they have learnt to overcome them.

This show has been developed over a series of workshops at Hodge Hill College across February and March 2023.

The devising process has been led entirely by the students, who have informed the content and developed their own material using physical theatre tecniques.


The piece has been inspired by a variety of renowned companies, including Frantic Assembly, Gecko Theatre, DV8 and more.

This performance is funded by The Mighty Creatives, as part of their 'What's Going On' youth consultation program. It is one of 4 projects taking place across the UK to give voice to young people through artistic means.

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